7 Boots Your Dad Should Buy You This Winter by We Wore What

For this edition of Chic Betch we’ve collaborated with Danielle Bernstein, the founder of We Wore What who provided us with the chicest best boots of the season so that we could write this article. Disclaimer: only one of these are heeled, but this is winter so we’re dressing for warmth, not Amazonian height. 

Isabel Marant via Net-a-Porter


The magic of these is twofold: warmth and the fact that they’re so chunky will make your skinny legs look extra toothpick-y. If you go to college in the tundra and you’re forced to wear boots made strong enough for a lumberjack to work in, these might be the best you can do. +5 for the red laces which make them more of a statement and less of a lame purchase you made for practical reasons. Gross. 


Isabel Marant via Net-a-Porter


I want these more than Helga Pataki wanted her Nancy Spumoni Signature Snow Boots. They are so impossibly chic and I’m obsessed with the winter off-white, though the thought of how I’m bound to ruin these the second I get the slightest bit drunk literally makes me consider getting drunk less. But only for a second. 



Alexander McQueen via Net-a-Porter


One word: sleek. You wouldn’t usually think sleek and shearling really go together, but shearling is in. Have you noticed?


Victoria’s Secret Booties

These boots are slightly less slutty than Victoria’s Secret’s usual collection. We love the leather-suede-shearling combo, even though that seems to be everywhere. They sort of remind of Uggs minus being utterly disgusting. 


United Nude Lace-up Boots via Shopbop


With the outside suede, leather, and crossed laces, these are like a taller version of the Marants with a faux-fur lining. They’re a modern take on vintage snow boots and the platform will make you at least an inch taller.


Dr. Martens via Matches Fashion


Not every betch can or will want to attempt to pull these off, but to me the deep burgundy leather and black pony skin makes them seem way less like chic bowling shoes and more like the fashionable investment they are. These are definitely the kind of boots that have been in style before and will be in style again. 


Opening Ceremony Velvet Flat Boots via Matches Fashion


Velvet: check. Navy: check. Waterproof: you’ll need to write a large check to get these repaired.



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