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Chic Betch of the Week: Italian Fashion Blogger Chiara Ferragni

It’s 7 am. You wake up to the blare of apple’s classic ringtone and rub black goop from the corners of your eyes, cemented shut by YSL’s newest mascara (which they sent you for free and begged you to post on Instagram for the humble price of $15,000). You’re sort of hungover from wining and dining with the fashion industry elite and jetlagged from your last trip to Paris, but you fumble out of bed anyway. After the daily ritual of firing up the espresso machine and a green juice, (you don’t even know what a bagel is; you’re pretty sure that word doesn’t even translate into Italian) next comes the hard part. Getting dressed.

Your closet is bigger than most Manhattan apartments and it might actually eat you alive. Between the new Birkin that not even Kim Kardashian could get her claws on if she sold her fucking eggs, and the Chanel from the 2016 runway show that hasn’t even hit stores yet (personally delivered with a handwritten note from Mr. Lagerfeld himself), you’re feeling torn.




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Doesn’t sound relatable? It’s because this isn’t amateur hour — it’s a typical morning in the life of Chic Betch of the Week, Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni. I have this slightly bitter but hilarious friend who once scathingly mused over one too many glasses of Pinot, “There is a special place in hell for fashion bloggers.” We know them well; that one nicegirl from your sorority who got her hands on a Louis Vuitton tote bag with her mom’s divorce money and now she’s a certified tastemaker dishing groundbreaking advice on how to add more greens into your diet and fucking “espresso yourself.” Please take down that tacky gold-foiled calligraphy print that reads Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle because we alllll know the hustle ends when the engagement begins.

Okay, at Betches we too have rolled our eyes at these Anne-Hathaways-with-a-blog , but Ferragni is in a league of her own. We promise.




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Arguably the OG Betch of fashion blogging, this blogger turned entrepreneur turned designer basically runs shit. Her website, The Blonde Salad, was launched in 2009, establishing her position within the industry as a major influencer. Fueled by a truly original sense of style, collaborations with top fashion houses, and a trailblazing approach to dressing as a powerful millennial woman (every on-point outfit accessorized by her edgy tattoos and equally betchy French bulldog Matilda), Ferragni has earned her place within fashion.

Her quirky aesthetic sets the tone within her own collections and magazines from around the world. If blogging was a coven, she’d def be The Supreme. Named by the Business of Fashion as one of the most influential personalities of the international fashion world, she sits front row at fashion week, is killing it with her Spring 2016 shoe collection, and is such a Girl Boss that the Harvard Business School even made a case study about her.

She’s got beauty, brains, and is soooo chic that we’d honestly wear a paper bag on our heads if she wrote about it on The Blonde Salad. In typical betchy fashion, our Chic Betch of the Week is winning the fashion industry and life one insta after another.



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