Cher Horowitz Wants Your Breast Milk

Well actually it's Alicia Silverstone but same difference, right? Alicia wants to start a breast milk sharing program where moms with extra breast milk can donate to the babies of moms who can't produce that much milk. The whole thing fucking creeps me out. It's like, when the kids are older they'll see a friend of their moms and know that they drank fluid that came out of their breast. And you thought trying to convince your guy friend to stop calling your mom a MILF was hard now… 

We imagine Cher's conversation with her husband went something like this: 

Alicia's husband: Alicia, what are you doing?
Alicia Silverstone: I’m captain of the Pismo Beach Disaster Relief Fund Kind Mama Milk Foundation.
Alicia's Husband: I don’t think they need your breast milk.
Alicia: Some people lost all their belongings, don’t you think that includes breast milk?

Source: NYDN


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