Chelsea Handler is Quitting Chelsea Lately

According to Chelsea Handler's manager, Irving Azoff, she plans to leave her show Chelsea Lately and the E! Network altogether when her contract expires in 9 months. Boo how sad. Maybe after these past 8 years she finally got tired of watching herself on TV and being like who the fuck keeps dressing me!? Or maybe it's because she hates E!, having said before that it's “a sad, sad place to live,” adding, “They don’t know what they’re doing. They have no ideas. It’s a failure.” 

As for her plans after E! Azoff says, “She hired me to figure out her life after E! We have at least seven suitors and many ideas.” He adds that plans for Handler could include a radio presence and a possible nightly or weekly late-night show on another network or digital service.” Based on all the Emmys she won for Are You There, Chelsea? let's cross our fingers for our original betch, Chelsea. And let's pray that E! has enough sense not to rename the show Chuy Lately

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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