Check Out Miley’s New MAC Collab

Miley just announced another collab with MAC for a new lipstick and lip gloss color (both of the orange red variety – so chic) set to come out on September 8th. According to her instagram post, proceeds from the products will directly benefit MAC’s AIDS fund program.

Despite Miley being certifiably bat shit, and despite her instagram feed providing us with some of the most disturbing/dark content on the interwebs to date, she actually looks pretty betchy in the new teaser pic she grammed over the weekend. Though the baby bangs are admittedly kind of unclear, I’m actually not appalled by the Hannah-Montana-on-crack throwback wig. It really speaks to my nostalgic side (nostalgia for a pre-twerk society). Plus she looks really thin, which I love for her.

Anyway, this has me thinking…is there hope for Miley after all? She’s releasing this totally fab/altruistic lipstick, which I'll probs buy with #noregrets because it's a good cause and I look really good in orangey red hues. But enough about me. Miley's actually been a legit spokesperson/sane voice in the LGBTQ community and all of our GBFFs really look up to her. She's also dating Victoria Secret models left and right, and hasn’t publicly humped Robin Thicke in quite some time. Maybe she’s on the path to true betchdom (?) I'll be praying for her.


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