Check Out Bassnectar’s New Album

If you just got back from Roo and are feeling the Bonnablues (or is it the Roo Blues?), I have just the thing. No, I can't make time move any faster sadly, but I can tell you that Bassnectar is releasing a new album on June 30th, which should be enough to get you through the next couple of months.



The new album is called Into The Sun and it has 17 songs total. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Bassnectar's first album (feel old yet?), he remixed some classics and threw them on there. But like that's not to say there isn't new shit on the album—there's also a bunch of new songs and remixes that were previously unreleased.

There are def songs on the album that will make it into your pregame playlist rotation, like Speakerbox (ft. Lafa Taylor), which I will be drinking to for the next few hours if anybody needs me. Some of the other songs have more of a chill vibe (relatively speaking), and a few have more of a rock sound, which you can save for your “come down” playlist, I guess. I'm not a music critic—as is evidenced by the fact that this is Betches not Pitchfork — but I'd recommend at least one person in your bestie circle buying the album so that way you can all listen to it.



My only issue is it's scheduled to drop on June 30th which is a Tuesday. But whatever, just Makonnen it. No, I will not stop trying to make that happen.


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