A Note On Celebrities Who Swap Friends Excessively

Celebrity BFFs have been a thing since celebrities have been a thing, but in the last year they've basically started speed dating each other and it's gotten super out of hand.

At first we were like, oh cute, Cara is best friends with Taylor Swift… then Jourdan Dunn.. then Michelle Rodriguez, and suddenly she's kissing Sienna Miller and Rita Ora on the mouth, now she's obsessed with Selena Gomez and I guess next week she'll be besties with anyone willing to get a matching tattoo.

Like naturally when Selena turned 22 over the weekend and didn't invite her once BFFs Taylor Swift or Demi Lovato, the first person on the list was none other than Cara! Her closest friend for the last twelve minutes.

Cara and Selena's only competition for most aggressive friend swapper is Taylor Swift, who basically invented the whole maneuver. Currently she's friend-dating human giraffe / supermodel Karlie Kloss, and if you follow either of them on Instragram, you already know that because they only post pictures of each other. Pretty sure two weeks ago Taylor was only seen with Lorde, Haley Dunphy, and Ellie Goulding. Like what happened to that girl Abigail? Where's she?


This whole friend swapping trend is amusing but it's also stupid. Sure it's great for Instagramming but it's not so great when you end up dating Justin Bieber because no one cared enough to stop you.


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