Celebrities Are Getting Excited By Mundane Objects

Maybe you’re one of those people who think celebrities have exciting lives simply because they’re completely idolized and incredibly wealthy. Maybe you think you could live just as glamorously if only given the means. After all, celebrities are “just like us” right?

Wrong. Celebrities are way more fun than us, or perhaps better put, they know how to have fun way better than us. If you don’t believe me, check Instagram, where they’re posting tons of pictures with mundane objects we mortals have access to everyday. Except the celebrities aren’t treating these items as ordinary–oh no–they’re losing their shit over this stuff! Playing, experimenting, innovating, commentating. It’s all really inspiring. Check out some examples of celebrities having a blast with common objects that we clearly aren’t paying enough attention to.  

We all love good sushi but Drew Barrymore is AMPED about her meal. She can’t even believe this is happening! This is better than the night that Blended premiered! Oh wait, yeah. 

I hope to one day marry a man who makes me as happy as these vegetables are making Oprah.

This Easter basket is super weak, but Vanessa knows how to turn it into a party. By smirking and holding it under her chin, it went from drab to having over 300,000 likes!

Cameron has her fingers on the keyboard pretending to type so we know that she knows how to use a laptop. She looks really focused and into her work. I’m really excited to see the great prose that evolves from this.

This is a thought provoking image. Like, was James Franco going for a play on words here? Is he wearing clothes? Who took this photo? Did he eat the whole bag of Pirate’s Booty and if so is that ok? Any insight would be very helpful.

Take a second and think about concentrate. It’s a big fucking deal, according to Usher.

Some people would look at this machinery and think of hard labor or its actual function. Boring! Pharrell sees a great photo op instead and I salute him.

Hugh Jackman is like, “I know you want to look at my face, but please check out this ice cream cone instead.” #luvinlife #becauseoftheicecream #iswear

I’m not saying that getting caked by Steve Aoki is mundane, but it’s not not mundane. And Ryan Seacrest is about to have heart palpitations.

Ah!! Stay back there!!

This is actually the most excited Lorde has looked in her entire life. And if you want that inflatable tube you’re going to have to pry it from her cold, dead hands, FYI.

The caption is funny because it rhymes with racks on racks on racks, and the picture is funny because we know Adam Levine wouldn’t open any of that processed shit if his life depended on it. Whatever it’s art and it’s relatable!

Who else feels REALLY badly that Katy Perry never got to try Lucky Charms as a child and REALLY happy for her now that she has a box?! She might as well retire now that she’s ~officially~ made it, amirite?

I don’t care if this is paid product placement. Meghan Trainor is genuinely into this mirror/ lip gloss combo and I dare you to tell me otherwise.

Can we get Mark Ruffalo some more “treats” AKA a piece of fruit?? Look how happy he is! How else is he going to get fruit unless he picks it off trees for free? I’m officially stressed.

Okay….Tyra…if you…say so….

Oh, you just try on the clothes when you go shopping? Never thought to have some fun with it like Zooey Deschanel? Live a little for god’s sake.

Jolly Rancher tongue!! It’s so embarrassing but Ansel Elgort doesn’t even care because he’s down to earth and loves his team! Change your profile picture to a picture of you with Jolly Rancher tongue if you support him and want to end insecurity forever.

Look, she knows what you’re thinking. Gluten free lasagna sounds dull. And it IS dull to most people. But then again, most people aren’t Mariah Carey.


Mary J. Blige staring pensively at her reflection makes me wonder what we’re all missing when we rush out the door in the morning tbh.


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