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Check Out The Cash Cash x Betches Exclusive Playlist

The other weekend we went to Ezoo, you know the fucking drill. Our final interview was with Cash Cash, a group of 3 pretty cool DJs—Jean Paul, Alex, and Sam—based out of Jersey. We interviewed them and they were nice enough to create an exclusive playlist just for us, so be sure to check it out below. BTW, you’ll love their new song, “Millionaire” featuring Nelly (it’s got a throwback just for you 90s betches), so watch that video here.

Alex and Jean Paul, you guys are brothers, how do you work together without killing each other?

Jean Paul: We do kill each other.
Sam: It gets violent, sometimes I have to break it up… Gotta put them in separate rooms, gotta put the little puppy cages up.

What was it like being in Beyoncé’s presence at the VMAs?

Jean Paul: It was pretty dope. It was enlightening. You have to shake your ass when you see Beyoncé, I fucking saw her and I said you know what, I’m gonna dance.
Alex: She had a baseball bat. I’m like, “the fuck’s she doing with that thing, like holy shit!”
Sam: She smashed the glass and I was like “what the hell?”

Who are some artists you’d like to collaborate with?
Right now, we love collaborating with artists outside our genre, like on our album Blood, Sweat & 3 Years we messed with so many people. Trinidad James, Nelly, Busta Rhymes, John Rzeznik, it’s like all over the spectrum: rock, pop, rap, singer-songwriters. So really I’d have to say anybody. We’re looking for people that have really good voices, really big voices, lotta character, so we’ll see. We’ll see what the next album has in store.

Were you actually in the studio with most of these people?
Yeah that’s the cool part, you know, we get in the studio with the artists and we make the songs together. So it’s not just like, we do the music and they do the vocals—I’m recording the vocals; Alex is there, he’s mixing; Sam will jump in it; we’re working together. It’s cool, we just trade off.

We have an interesting theory, what is the truth/origin behind the name Cash Cash?
Well, what’s the theory?

OK so my mom’s a big fan and she’s like, dead convinced that you all come from a French-speaking background because “cache-cache” means “hide and seek” in French.

Jean Paul: It’s technically true, the French background. My name is Jean Paul so…
Alex: We’re Lebanese so [there’s] like, a lot of French in their life and culture over there.

Jean Paul: But the reason we came up with our name is very simple. We all grew up playing in different groups, [and] we never thought to trademark our first name, one of our early names growing up. And this rapper owned the trademark of it so he came after us and was like, hitting us with cease and desist letters. We had this old agent trying to sue us, trying to fuck us with these crazy deals. So we had to come up with a new name, which sucked because we had T-shirts, we had merch made, we had to take all our music down—it was back when we were a band.

So we were trying to come up with a new name for a new project and we were like “everyone’s after our fucking cash and we don’t even have any yet” so we said what about “Cash Cash”? And we just looked at each other and it just stuck. The rapper who’s got the name isn’t doing shit so I think we chose the better name.

What are some must-haves before or after you go onstage?
We like red bull, Jameson, 1942. It’s the drink of the year. It goes down like iced tea.

Anything else you want to tell our readers?
Check out our new song “Millionaire”, we’re really proud of it. We did it with Nelly. We got the throwback in there, we got the “Hey must be the money” line, which was nostalgic. It was really cool that he was down to do that, I really think we made something special with it. 

Check out Cash Cash’s exclusive Betches playlist below! It’s perfect for pregaming/sipping 1942/your soul-crushing commute/whatever.