Cardale Jones: Betchy Athlete of the Week

Cardale Jones is the starting quarterback of the 2015 National Champions, the Ohio State Buckeyes. To be honest, he completely blindsided our asses.

He won the championship in only his third game starting for the Buckeyes. In fact, it took two guys getting seriously hurt before someone was like “Yeah, we'll put this guy in, but really. Do we have to?”

The guy is 22 and is technically a sophomore. He had a little trouble with the whole “school” part of college. It's the shittiest part of college anyway. We get it.

To really emphasize his hatred of school, Cardale tweeted something both equally stupid and equally amazing.

America loved the tweet. His coaches and the NCAA hated it. Cardale was suspended. His account was deleted. Whatever.

THANK GOD someone with a questionable sense of judgment let him get his account back, because Cardale (whose nickname is “12 Gauge”) now tweets things like this.



Side note: he tweets “good morning” and “good night” on a very regular basis.

Cardale has had the last laugh, though. We respect that. He'll never have to “play” school again when he's making millions in the NFL.


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