Cara DeLevingne Is Going To Be In An Actual Movie

Super model and super fucking weirdo (also former betch of the week) Cara Delevinge can supposedly do other things than make crazy faces and eat bacon. She apparently can act! Who knew?

She was recently casted as the main role in the new movie “Paper Towns”, which is based off the John Green book. If you don't know who John Green is, he wrote the book “The Fault in Our Stars”. If you don't know what “The Fault in Our Stars” is, then you probably live under a rock and should go read a goddam book.

I'm assuming, since it's written by John Green, the movie is probably going to make you cry. Which is a weird emotion to be triggered by Cara Delevingne, seeing as how usually she just fucking confuses me. This whole movie deal just really highlights the importance of eyebrows in today's society, since I'm pretty sure that's the whole point of Cara's existence.

Overall, it's a pretty good move for the producers because everyone is going to go see the movie out of pure curiosity. I, for one, will probably go see this movie to see how Cara handles this whole “speaking” thing. You got into a blockbuster movie? What like it's hard?




Source: NY Post


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