Betchy Harvard Grad Founded A Feminist Weed Company & It’s Literally the Future

It’s pretty obvious that Ivy League betches have bright futures—no offense to your four-year Instagram feed of blue and yellow game day face paint. You may have partied your ass off in some state school with 50,000 other potheads, but smart stoners are just in a different league.

That’s why we’re currently obsessing over Harvard Business School graduate Jessica Assaf and her betchy new movement that is bound to take over the stoner world. With an impressive background in the beauty industry and a love for a good smoke sesh, Jessica decided to found her own company called Cannabis Feminist. Interested yet?


The company prides itself on believing in the “femininity of cannabis” and the “power of women to create a new cannabis culture.” In other words, the company educates women about cannabis (seems a little unnecessary, but chill I guess); supports companies making weed products with women in mind; and helps women enter the industry. Talk about doing something useful with your degree.

Jessica is all about empowering women to step foot in the cannabis industry and explore the health and emotional benefits of weed. The company is just starting out, but we’re pretty pumped to see this betch climb the industry ladder and get as high as possible.