A Betchy Look Into Canada Goose

Finally the Canadian and European outerwear of choice has trickled down to America. In case you’ve been living under a rock during this apocalypse we’re calling ‘winter,' you’ve seen herds of people wearing Canada Goose jackets. Canada Goose has actually been around since the ‘50s, but started getting a lot more traction in the US when the company started providing their coats for celebrities filming in cold places. Genius. Celebrities started wearing them around and they hit the mainstream when Kate Upton donned a bikini, Canada Goose and nothing else for Sports Illustrated. Cold weather pervs went crazy.

Recently Canada Goose became the official sponsor of the Sundance Film Festival and Bain Capital bought a majority stake in the brand. Then a bunch of college girls asked daddy for a Canada Goose for Christmas and now they’re everywhere.

Shocker: PETA isn’t so into them. Canada Goose says they’re nice to their coyotes. The debate is now at a standstill. I’m sure PETA is also a fan of the sensible price tag. These coats cost anywhere between $600 – $1600.

So the question remains: why is everyone wearing them? A mix of effectiveness and trendiness, pretty much.


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