Is It Chill If I Still Have Sex With My Ex-Boyfriend From Time To Time? Dear Betch…

Dear Betches,

My ex boyfriend and I broke up because he graduated and I'm a year younger.
We never really stopped speaking, although we do only speak as friends and not much else. After winter break we were both back home and we had sex, but since then he didn't really text me as much so we haven't spoken as often because obviously I'm not going to text him first.

More recently, he's started texting me because he knows we'll both be home at the same time again and is trying to get it in. I feel a little awkward about the whole situation though, because I constantly see him all over other girls on his Facebook pictures. I don't want to be his easy booty call for whenever he's home, but at the same time part of me wants it to happen.



Booty Call Betch

Dear Booty Call Betch,

This is a classic step in the ex-boyfriend life cycle. You broke up for a reason and the reason is that you weren’t into each other enough to think the long distance was worth it. Understanding that, it’s time to cut all ties. Sure, it’s comfortable and nice to talk to someone you used to be so invested in but you need a period of silence where you don’t speak to this guy and definitely don’t hook up with him so that you can get over him.

If you keep having sex with him you’re basically picking at a scab that you’re trying to let heal (to give it the most disgusting imagery possible).  Anyway, said scab is never going to heal if you run over and fuck this guy whenever you’re feeling lonely or bored. By continuing to stay in contact, you’re just prolonging the inevitable pain of dealing with the fact that it’s over.  Stop stalking his Facebook, stop answering his texts, and start dating other people and going out with your friends.

How many people do you know who are really happy yet still fuck their ex-boyfriends from time to time? Exactly.


The Betches


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