Can Anyone Explain This Weird Girl Trend?

Say you order some clothes online, from a familiar retailer in your usual size, and they don’t fit. What do you do? Do you say “oh well,” and exchange them for a larger size? Do you take a long, hard look in the mirror, and decide that yeah, maybe all of your clothes have been fitting a little tighter since you gave up your New Year’s resolution to do CrossFit or P90X or ModelFit or whatever the fuck? Or, do you do what a shocking number of women seem to be doing, and leave a terrible online review because the clothes didn’t fit your self-image?

Such smallness. Much strange.

Now, I’m no expert on womens fashion, but I did talk to a real girl in person this one time in high school (it was an accident), and I’m pretty sure that giving up on a pair of pants that you wanted because you didn’t like the tag on the pair that fit you qualifies as crazy behavior.

“Always on the border of 6/8.” Sure, Jan.

To be fair, all of the women in these reviews are on the older side. Maybe their having to confront their mortality makes them hesitant to accept that father time has added a few inches around the waist, idk. Whatever it is, not only are they Yelp-ifying what are probably perfectly fine clothes, but they’re playing into the sense of entitlement that says that if something doesn’t work for you, it must be someone else’s problem.

“Maybe in a diffeent size…” You mean, like, the size that actually fits you, Ms. “One time I had to buy a size 4, true story?”

These are just a few of what I found this afternoon on Ann Taylor Loft (or is it just “Loft” now?), mostly because I’m not in the business of spending all day scouring online reviews of womens clothing items (pretty sure I’ve gotten myself on some kind of government watch list, at this point). I have, however, been shown many, many instances of this phenomenon. Anyway: Do not do this. If “your size” doesn’t fit in something, it’s not your fault, or the pants fault, or the store’s fault. It’s no one’s fault, it just is what it is. Dress for the size you are now, not the size you want to be. More importantly, don’t tie your self worth to an arbitrary number on a tag.

Because honestly, this is really, really fucking dumb.


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