Camp: Throwback Thursday

School’s almost out (if that’s your thing), so today’s TBT is dedicated to our childhood summers going to camp. Whether you were a JAB in Jewish scouts, a Junior betch in Girl Scouts, or just generally outdoorsy and into the woods, camp was a memory that all betches think of fondly.

Camp was where we discovered our love for nicknames and Truth or Dare.  If you went to sleepway camp, you got to meet people who didn’t go to your school, and if you went to a faraway camp like at a college or something, they were maybe even from a different state. The great thing about this is that just like Cady Heron on her first day of school, you got to be the new girl at camp. Hello, more attention.

The first day of camp was always a mixture of anxiety and excitement. You could spot other fellow betches by their lip gloss and sticker earrings. You took inventory of all the cute boys at camp and shared your crushes with other betches so your conquests didn’t overlap. Of course, camp was also where we learned that drama is a bitch – it’s amazing how much shit could go down in just two weeks. Like everyone could suddenly hate Becky because she was flirting with Ryan at the water balloon fight even thought she knew that Lauren totally liked Ryan.  DRAMA.

The timeline at camp was like a loophole in the time space continuum. For one thing, things happened faster at camp, and you were often a year or two ahead of where you actually were in school. For example, if you were in fifth grade, you were acting like a sixth grader at camp. That’s because summer was a time for transformation, and knowing nobody at camp meant you could walk in and pretend you’d already kissed a boy and nobody would know.  It also meant that you could then kiss a boy and act like you’d been doing it your entire life.  Voila – camp loophole.

We want to remember all our camp boyfriends, but we can’t really remember their real names. Plus this was pre-Facebook and uh… you can’t expect us to know everyone’s last names.  At camp you could “fall in love”, “break-up”, and “get back together” all before the final camp dance and then never talk to each other again in September. Sure, we tried to keep in touch with our camp friends over AIM and chat rooms. But real life called, and unless you actually didn’t have friends in school, chances were your school friends were more interesting than camp friends.

We think back fondly of camp – from epic Capture the Flag games that the counselors got way too into to thinking we were cool sneaking out after Lights Out (but literally doing nothing except walking around and maybe buying a snack from the vending machines), camp was a time of firsts. It was a place we learned to make friends quickly and to love our haters (there were always a few rivalries at camp). We learned to say goodbye and we learned to move on. Most of all, we can’t believe a boy could ask you to be his girlfriend within a week, when hanging out for six months now gets you maybe a Chipotle burrito and a sweater at best. Ugh, why can’t life be more like camp. Minus the terrible food and lack of hair straighteners.


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