Cameron Diaz Nominated For Three Razzie Awards For Doing Really Shitty Movies

Cameron Diaz got nominated for three Razzie Awards, which is pretty gentle considering the films she was in this year. The Razzie's are the opposite of the Oscar's – winning an Oscar is a celebration of an actor's work and talent, winning a Razzie is an invitation to start teaching at an acting camp.

She scored two “Worst Actress” noms, one for The Other Woman, which is a shittier version of John Tucker Must Die with middle aged women. Not even Kate Upton's boobs could save this movie, which means it was really fucking awful. Another “Worst Actress” and “Worst Screen Combo” for Sex Tape, which is a combination of all the reasons why we hate our parents: they don't understand technology and they think they're still relevant. Plus, it's not 2007 anymore, nobody wants to even think about Cam Diaz and Jason Segal having sex. She also got “Worst Supporting Actress” for her work in Annie, which is a movie you should only see after doing edibles, and even then it's still worse than the Hannah Montana movie. It's sort of like if your middle school filmed their stage production of Annie, used a couple million dollars from Jay-Z, and the final product still wasn't that good.

Congrats Cam! Hope you get lucky this year.



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