Calvin Harris Was In A Car Accident; Pray For Our Summer Jams

This weekend, some girl was driving like an idiot and hit Calvin Harris’ car. On the bright side, she’ll definitely get his autograph now. Well, it’ll be his signature on insurance forms, but still. They were both taken to the hospital, and Calvin fucked up his nose and got a cut on his face. I doubt he’ll use this as an excuse to get a nose job like that girl in your sorority with a deviated septum, but who knows.

The internet freaked out, but it was a pretty minor accident. He was released from the hospital after a couple hours and only cancelled two shows. I’m sure the bachelorette parties were devastated, but other than that no one was affected. The surprising part of this whole incident is that Taylor Swift didn’t use the accident as an Instagram prop—is this what growing up looks like?

Despite the fact that Calvin basically walked away unscathed, the photos of this accident were pretty gnarly, leading one to wonder just how stupidly this girl was driving.

Reports say the driver hit Calvin’s car when she crossed a center divider, so pretty fucking stupidly.

The best part of this whole accident (stick with me, there is a good part), is that Calvin refused treatment for his scratch and left the hospital after the hospital told him he couldn’t have a private room. Clearly Calvin Harris is the betchy half of this couple—not that we expected any different. No word on how his facial scar’s doing, but if it doesn’t heal there’s always this option:


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