Calm Down: Emma Watson And Prince Harry Aren’t Dating

So people freaked the fuck out this weekend because some shitty magazine said Emma Watson and Prince Harry were dating. The Internet lost its shit with the Harry Potter references (their child would be a half blood prince, he's a red head etc), but like it's not 2010 anymore so it was too much to handle. I mean she's kind of busy running shit at the UN to deal with a boy who has more daddy issues than Snooki. But Prince Harry is the ultimate catch: ugly hot ginger and Vice President of the Lucky Sperm Club, so maybe she could carve out time for date night. Also, this would have fucked over Kate Middleton, because Hermione would be the MVP of the Royal family.

Anyways, then Emma tweeted “not believing everything written in the media” aka they're not hooking up. So people got hyped up over something that's not even happening, kind of like when your friend reads into a “heyy” text at 10pm.




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