BuzzFeed Falls For Old-Ass Rejection Letter Story, LOL

BuzzFeed is the kind of site that thinks its newsworthy anytime a bi-racial, transgendered person sneezes and the resulting snot vaguely forms the shape of Barack Obama. Between all the tomfuckery in Indiana and April Fool’s day, though, it’s a pretty slow “news” day for BuzzFeed, so they glommed onto this: A (not-so) clever high school dumbass responded to a rejection letter from Duke with a rejection letter of their own! The only problem? That shit is at worst fake, and at best old as the goddamned hills (not the TV show).


Haha! You’re so stupid, you’ve been rejected by so many schools that you literally can’t even accept another rejection letter! This is comedy at its finest, obviously, but it’s not the first time someone had such a hilarious idea. A quick trip to Snopes reveals that some form of this “rejection letter rejection letter” has been on the internet since nineteen ninety goddamned six, before a good chunk of the people reading this site were even born.

Even worse, they can trace the idea back to an essay called “Defending Against the Indefensible,” published by someone named Neil Postman. It was written in 1988, which I would bet is older than anyone producing articles for BuzzFeed today. Don't feel bad, though. Yahoo! News fell for it too.

I mean, they should have known it was a hoax by virtue of the fact that someone got rejected by Duke and was sad about it.


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