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Advice From A Business Betch: 5 Ways to Kill It At Work

The only way to fill a gap in the market is to make shit happen yourself. Take it from successful business betch herself, Heidi Zak, founder and CEO of lingerie company ThirdLove.

A few years ago, Heidi was frustrated with her own experience of trying to find a bra that fit, so she decided to do something about it. She literally left her stable career at Google to start her own company, which included a sizing app and comfortable bras for sale. Fast forward to today, as Heidi has completely reinvented the way betches shop for the right bra size and sells bras that are hot AF while fitting perfectly. Don’t believe us? Just ask Lori Greeley and Laurie Ann Goldman, the former CEO’s of Victoria’s Secret and Spanx. The two power betches recently invested eight million dollars in funding for ThirdLove, and it’s only the beginning.

Heidi Zak is obviously all of our #careergoals, so we’ll actually take a minute or two to listen to her advice. Here are her 5 tips to betches who want to succeed in business:

1. The two most important qualities you need to be a leader are determination & flexibility.

You may have already awarded yourself for showing up on time to this 9am meeting, but now you have to wait for everyone else to get here. Determination is a good start, but flexibility is just as important. It’s a good thing you texted your intern to get you extra lattes while you wait.

2. In order to get into a leadership position you must make yourself uncomfortable; you have to constantly be pushing yourself to take risks.

Heidi admits that it was hard for her to leave Google to start ThirdLove. Like, she literally left free massages for the risk of starting her own company. She says being a leader is “rewarding, exciting and stressful, all at the same time in the course of a day.” God, I hope this woman ends her day with three bottles of red wine.

3. Be tenacious—”no” should never be an option.

After your freshman year of college, your daddy’s internship connections might be less helpful than they once were. Heidi talks about her own experience at MIT Sloan when she wanted to work retail but couldn’t find a job. She put together a list of the top 20 companies in NYC, sent around emails, and got her resume out there. After she didn’t hear back, she started cold-calling each company and finally got a summer internship in business development at Aeropostale. Basically, you do what you gotta do.

4. Hire people who are smarter than you.

It sucks to admit you don’t know everything, but collecting the best minds you can find will only create the strongest team possible. Heidi says you should spend your own time on things you’re good at, and “fill in your team with others who bring a different perspective and different skills to the table.” So basically, do what you can do and hire interns to do the rest.

5. Do something you’re passionate about, and build a solid network early!

Work can get boring AF if you don’t actually like what you’re doing. If you have an interest in something, pursue it. Heidi didn’t reinvent the lingerie business by refreshing her Instagram explore page. She found something she was passionate about, built her network, and got off her ass.