Business Betch: Even Barack Obama Is Embarrassed To Be Seen With A Blackberry

Turkey blocks Twitter

As of late last week the nation of Turkey has blocked Twitter. However, according to Zeynep Tufekci, an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina, this is all just a ploy to get Twitter to build an office there.

The main thing about Turkey’s twitter ban is that it hasn’t fucking worked. People have found ways to get around it, and in some cases, Twitter has even instructed Turks how to access their services via text. But, according to Tufecki, the Turkish government knew this was going to be the case. “Of course they know [the ban] won't work,” she said “It's an act to get twitter to come open an office in the country.” Basically, the Turkish gov is telling Twitter: if you don't want to do business here, we're going to make it really difficult for you to do business with our citizens. I don’t know about this one, Turkey. If anything, the ban probably gave your people another thing to tweet about. Made it back on twitter, mothafuckas! #fightthesystem #rebel. Read article>>

Even Obama thinks BBM isn’t going to happen

Back in 2009, Barack Obama famously fought to retain the use of his crackberry upon entering office. Ohhh how times have changed. Even Barack is like, embarrassed to be seen with that phone now. But Putin has a gold 5s!! If the White House does decide to go with another service, Blackberry will lose one of its biggest clients. See betches, we told you BBM was never going to come back. In terrible news, he is testing out Androids. Read article>> 

Cyber attacks happen all the fucking time

If you remember the Target credit card debacle a couple months ago you know cyber attacks are fucking real. Last year, U.S. federal agents reportedly notified more than 3,000 companies of similar attacks. This is the first statistic showing how often the government has intervened regarding private sector cyber security issues. Since betches do a lot of shopping, it’s more than possible you hit at least one of those 3,000 stores and, as Dwight Schrute would tell you, identity theft is not a fucking joke. Read article>>

Sony wants to let you take a #selfie

Sony is counting on the fact that you want your selfies and video calls to be as high quality as possible in order to keep their business going. Sony's high end imaging chips currently act as the “film” in both the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy 4 cameras. I mean, it’s great they want to make our images so clear, but when it comes to selfies, we're probs just going to put an insta filter on it anyway. Read article>>


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