Buku Music + Arts Project Review

This past weekend this betch went to Buku Music + Arts Project in New Orleans. These are my stories. Dun-dun.

The people: Tbh this festival was pretty fratty. Lots of dudebros, lots of raver betches, basically white people for days. Not necessarily a bad thing but just expect to be pushed a lot by people who think they have more of a right to be at the front than anybody else.

The grounds: Again, it’s in a city. Think: no grass, which is not ideal for passing out mid-day (but that's why you have a hotel). Not a huge area, so you won’t lose your friends unless you’re on some other level shit. There was one outside stage and the other two stages were basically in these converted warehouses. One of them housed broken-down carnival rides which was just as simultaneously cool and creepy as it sounds.

The lineup: Was legit AF, especially considering the festival has been around for fewer years than many people spend in college. They had me at A$AP Rocky, but  headliners also included Bassnectar, Porter Robinson, the fucking Based God himself (!!!!) aka Lil B, and a bunch of other people. There weren’t really any no-name filler people, either, and there was always someone good onstage. So that was a plus.

The highlights: Granted, my taste in music is not necessarily what most betches like (fire me, okay?), so if you don’t really fuck with rap you might as well skip ahead to the next section. For those of you who are ridin’ n dyin’ with me, my fave performances were ILoveMakonnen, Run the Jewels, and RL Grime (yea I know he’s not rap). We can debate my music tastes in the comment section until we’re blue in the face but essentially what I factor into a good performance is a) enthusiasm / energy b) do the lights feel like they’re going to give me a seizure c) is the artist trying too hard to push their new shit down my throat and d) was it fucking fun. Yes I know I’m an amazing music critic, Pitchfork should hire me.

So if you’re thinking of attending Buku next year (would recommend), here are some protips I picked up along the way. Mostly from fucking up, but you live and learn.

Wear whatever the fuck you want. I semi stressed out about what outfits to bring and ended up over packing (in true betch fashion) but people there wore what the fuck ever. I shit you not when I say I saw multiple girls wearing just duct tape x’s over their nipples, so like, nobody’s going to GAF that your shirt and shorts don’t match, or whatever.

Know your fucking limits. I swear to god every 20 minutes somebody was getting carted away by EMS. Don’t be a fucking amateur. Not to mention, do you really want to be so fucked up you can’t walk in downtown New Orleans? Maybs not.

Wear comfortable shoes. Uber doesn’t exist in New Orleans (I had to learn this the hard way). Cabs are the worst—I mean, if you want to wait 40 minutes for a cab to show up and then have some drunk frat bros jump in it first, by all means, take cabs. Otherwise you’ll be walking everywhere. At least you’ll be burning off some of those liquor calories (maybe?).

Pack appropriately. They really don’t check you that intently on the way in so you can bring all the…uh, snacks… that you need to last you through the day.

Don’t drive. Like, drive down to New Orleans all you want, but don’t plan on taking your car out of the valet the entire time you’re there. If you do, you will probably cause 3 accidents and run over 6 pedestrians because I am not even exaggerating when I say nobody in New Orleans gives a single fuck about traffic laws or like, their lives.

Buy your tickets early. This year sold out, and if you’re one of those people (read: scrubs) who tries to buy festival tickets the week of, you’re going to be SOL. There were plenty of people (read: huge scrubs) who stood outside the festival entrance, asking for tickets, and I have no idea if they got any. Moral of the story: don’t be those scrubs.

Overall, would recommend if getting to NOLA isn't a huge pain in the ass for you (Would I go if I'd had to fly down there? Nah). My only regret is that I didn't stay for longer (the festival was only 2 days though), and that I had to go back for work afterwards. But, neither of those things are really up to me, so like, *thumbs up emoji*.


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