Buckle Up Betches: 88% Of Teens Use Their Phones While Driving

If you thought you were a bad driver when you were in high school, be glad you didn’t have Snapchat yet. A new study on teenage drivers showed that 88% of teens who consider themselves safe drivers use apps while the car is moving. So like, get off the road now or you’ll probs die. More specifically, 38% said they use Snapchat while driving, 20% use Instagram, and 12% use Facebook. We all love Instagram, but there’s seriously no artsy food picture that could ever be THAT urgent.

The scariest statistic is probably that 12% of the participants admitted to using YouTube while driving, which literally means you are watching a fucking video while operating a moving vehicle. Like, I’ve watched my fair share of YouTube videos, and I can confirm that everything on YouTube is a waste of time. People are risking their lives over videos of cats playing the piano and that’s just dumb. So, like, put your fucking phones away for two minutes and focus on the road. PSA over.


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