Bruce Jenner set to come out to Diane Sawyer

Finally the question that has been keeping not only betches, but any person with a pair of fucking eyes awake at night is about to be resolved: Bruce Jenner is confirmed to sit down with Diane Sawyer and discuss his transition from man to woman. We can only assume Bruce is like the rest of his money-hungry family and held out long enough to score the best paying interview possible. For being a Jenner, it’s a pretty fucking Kardashian move to make.

When reflecting on our girl Bruce’s time on Keeping Up With The Kardashians it’s obvious that she was one of the biggest betches on the show all along. In honor of Bruce’s joining of the dark side, here’s a look back on some of her betchiest one liners:

“I had it all, and then I met Kris.”

*Looks at Kim on cover of tabloid* “Ugh I can’t get away from these people.”

“Bitch I want my damn ATM card.”

Kris: “I’m going to lose my shit. You are going to make me psychotic.”

Bruce: “You already are psychotic.”

The interview with Sawyer coincides with the announcement of Bruce’s very own series on (SURPRISE) E!, which documents not only her gender transition, but emancipation from the bat shit crazy Kardashians. Here’s hoping Bruce has been practicing Kylie’s lip liner and Kim’s ugly crying face and gives all of those bitches a run for their money.

While we’re on the topic, where is the E! suggestion box for “Scott and Mason take Ibiza”?




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