Bruce Jenner Got Breast Implants OMG

The Bruce Jenner saga continues with rumors about breast implants. This follows last month’s ‘laryngeal shave,’ whatever that means, to reduce the size of his adam’s apple. Over the last few years the whole world has watched Bruce’s transition – growing out his hair, piercing his ears and painting his nails.

I’m conflicted between open-mindedly accepting Bruce’s brave lifestyle choice and being horrified by the clear byproduct of decades of Kardashian co-habitation. It’s hard to imagine he’s wanted to be a female his entire life, with three wives and six kids. My conclusion is that Kris may be to blame. What if they never got married? What if he never inherited three Kardashian girls and a potato? Then produced two more girls? Who is really to blame here? Can that much estrogen rub off on you? Check back later for more investigative journalism on the topic.

Regardless of how this happened, one thing is for sure. It is happening and it is happening now.

Source: Daily Mail


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