Brown Rice Is Not Actually Healthier Than White Rice

So we've been told the last few years that if we are given the option between white rice and brown rice, brown is the healthier choice. Obviously us betches took this to an extreme making sure the sushi chef understood our need to have brown rice around our spicy tuna rolls because well, skinny over everything. But just like everything we hear about diets these days via skimming the internet, there is more that we don't know.

Although white rice and brown rice have the same number of calories brown rice has more calories from fat. Brown rice is still listed as having more nutritional value than white rice but recent studies have made the FDA say that white is better for you because brown has “worrisome levels of arsenic.” (Hope whatever scientist said that doesn't become the Donald Sterling of the FDA). As usual I wasn't sure exactly what “worrisome levels”meant just like when I walk through an airport and they say the threat level is orange, like how am I supposed to know the rainbow scale of terrorist attacks? Anyway, I guess this arsenic shit is everywhere in grains but the highest number is in brown rice. It is a toxin that can lead to numerous health problems. If you basically just skimmed over this part of the explanation confused, long story short brown rice has more calories from fat than white rice so it is officially out of style betches.

Source: ABC News


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