Bros With Cats Are Taking Back The Cat Lady Stereotype

Frankly the cat lady stereotype is kind of a wash. Yes, there are crazy ladies with cats, but there are also crazy ladies period. As in, we can bet those crazy ladies are hoarding something in addition to those cats, so maybe the cats aren’t even really a factor in this.  Regardless, the stereotype exists, and we’re now in an era where bros are taking back this stereotype in a delightful way.

If you haven’t noticed, more bros are owning their love of cats. Recently Buzzfeed created a montage of Dudes Who Love Cats.  This was on top of an already rising defense of dudes with cats in articles from Time Out, Cosmo, and Huffington Post.  It seems like the trend of owning a furry ball of cuteness and evil has officially crossed the line from spinster librarian to hunky dudes.

Perhaps it’s the fact that next a tiny ball of fluff, these dudes seem manlier than ever.  It’s just enough to compliment their testosterone while still making them seem approachable.  Or maybe it’s that dogs have already been a man’s best friend for centuries and millenials are just not into doing what our parents did.  Whatever the reason, bros on our social media have not only been praising cats, they’ve been defending them more adamantly than a divorcee in her 40’s.

In defense of the bros with cats, we have this to say.  Cats are bat shit creatures.  If your dude can handle a cat, then he’ll have no problem with you.  They’re also very independent, which means you will never have to compete for attention with a dog.  Finally, cats are pregnant women’s worst enemy, and that’s probably a good sign if you’re not trying to get pregnant.


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