Brooke Hogan Defends Her Dad With Weird Poem

Hulk Hogan is in deep shit after some tapes leaked last week of him being super racist.

The Hulk has been totes fired from the WWE, which I only know exists as an organization thanks to E! and Total Divas.

What’s more is that the Hulk was taking about Brooke’s “black billionaire” boyfriend when he was caught being racist and saying the N-word a bunch.

Brooke knows best, or so she thinks, so she penned a sappy (read: creepy) poem about how her dad really isn’t a bad guy, but is probably actually still a racist.

You can read the whole thing on Brooke’s Facebook page, but it’s really long and boring so here are some of the more interesting parts.

“If you knew the dad I knew,
you'd know his tender heart.

He'd never want to hurt his fans,
or family from the start.

If you knew my father,
you would know how hard he fought…

and the way it brought a smile to people light, medium and dark”.

Translation: Black people liked to watch my dad wrestle so how could he be racist?!

“If you knew my father,
if you just walked in his shoes…

then you would know that microscope that comes with yellow boots.

If you knew my father,
you would see your own in mine.

And if he was your father, you could never find divide.”

Nice try, Brooke, but my dad isn’t a racist. That’s my grandpa.

“Because I know my father,
I can promise this-

Just like you and I, things we don't mean can sometimes slip.

We all continue learning.
This life can be so rough…

So if you know my father, please try not to be tough.

My father has a daughter,
and I have feelings too.

And if I knew your father, I would do the same for you.”

Translation: Don’t think I’m a racist because my dad is racist, and please keep supporting my projects.


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