Why Bronde Is The New Black

Bronde is the newest hair color trend for summer 2015, sorry Kylie Jenner's hair kouture. It's a combination of brown hair and blonde hair. If the ombre trend and highlights had a baby, it would be bronde. The whole thing is complicated because it didn't fucking exist until a couple weeks ago, kind of like Donald Trump's downward spiral.

The idea behind bronde is that you can't decide if someone's hair is brown or blonde, so bronde is about to become the new vegan and crossfit of conversation starters. Apparently a bunch of celebrities are rocking bronde, but nobody noticed until Blake Lively Instagrammed it. Chrissy Teigen, Cara Delevingne, and Jennifer Lopez are feeling like Blair Waldorf circa Gossip Girl Season 2 right now.

The best part of this trend will be when middle schoolers try using Sun In to get the bronde look and end up looking like Kathy Griffin.


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