BroMojis Are Now A Thing

Frat guys everywhere, your dreams have come true: introducing bromojis, which are exactly what they sound like.

Have you ever gone through your emojis and thought to yourself, “Yeah okay a thumbs up is good, but what we really need is the shocker”? Have no fear. Thanks to advertising pros Megan Adamson-Jackes and Andrew C. Bly, your text convos can soon be as bro-tastic as you are. Unfortunately as far as I can tell bromojis are just a hilarious Instagram account so far, but I’d be willing to pledge money to a kickstarter to make sure it becomes the real deal. I mean if I could donate money to avoid pouring ice on my head I can def throw a few $$’s towards tiny cartoon lacrosse sticks and solo cups.

My suggestions for bromojis: a rack of Natty light, assorted fraternity letters, a pair of Sperrys

Sidenote to the entrepreneurial betches out there: it’s about time we get some little iced coffee emojis up in here. Betch-mojis would be forcing it, though so we’d have to think of a better name. Fucking Duh-mojis? I’ll keep brainstorming and get back to you when I come up with something good.




Source: Complex


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