Broast of the Week: Lebron James

When it comes to sports betches know little, but with twitter and being physically inside sports bars and deafened by our Miami friend's shrieks, it was impossible to ignore the fact that the Heat won the NBA championship. So yeah who gives a fuck that this is our third broast of the “week,” sad as we are to say it, the bros have been killin it. Let a girl broast.

We figure Lebron is a big fucking deal for many reasons, but chief among them is that he is both a professional athlete and a person of whom we are aware. The extremely boring wikipedia article that details his entire career, season by season, tells us that he set a bunch of records and has been MVP a bunch of times but I what?

Our fondest memory of the self-proclaimed King James was two years ago, when he aired a documentary special about himself and his “big decision” (genius-ly titled 'The Decision') to fuck over the team that like invented him and move onto a hotter (literally), flashier team in a way better city. Apparently this caused many bros from all over the country to cry, whose teams were probably too poor to afford him anyway, but we were still like..and your point is?

The way we see it, the King deserves props on props on props for the following: 1) getting millions of people to care about what team he went to, probably even more than he did, 2) making money off this shit, and 3) making the decision that landed him and his besties a nightly VIP table at LIV, a Vogue cover, and maybe even early access to Art Basel.

And that's why LJ is deserving of this broast. Not because he gets compared to Michael Jordan, not because he has more endorsement deals than God, and not because of any stupid fucking championship ring that we could probs ask our dad to get us at Sotheby's, but because he brought his talents to the Fontainebleau.


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