A Quick Recap of The Broad City Premiere

The betchiest comedy duo since Amy & Tina are back. Last night was the premiere of Broad City Season 3, and it did not disappoint. Abbi and Ilana have a friendship that can only be described as ride or die, and more often than not they’re closer to the latter.

In the first episode this season, Ilana drops her bike key down into a sewer and has to walk around with a lock around her waist. Ironic because we could probably see some dumb hipsters actually doing this as a trend. In a way the girls are the anti-betch because they can’t get anything right, are always #losing, and get kicked out of everything they go to. Yet because of their IDGAF attitude, this actually makes them even betchier. Logically it makes sense, probably.

Abbi can’t even talk the brunch place they go to into letting them use the bathroom right after they’ve eaten there. The trick to using any bathroom in an emergency is just go into a bar or hotel because nobody cares what you do in those. Regardless, the show makes fun of the jungle that is a pop-up sale in New York, and Abbi walks out with the security tag still on her shirt.

Lincoln makes a quick appearance at his circus school graduation, and per usual, Ilana lets him know he’s a back burner bro but he loves her all the same.

Notable quotes in this episode:

“I’m not going to do Chinese, it’s 2016”
“Nice ass!” “I know!”
“If I could have control over my titties like that, I’d make them the same size.”



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