Bro Breakdown: The Hot Foreign Bro

At some point in her life, a betch will encounter a HFB, or Hot Foreign Bro.  Initially, meeting the HFB feels like finding a diamond in the rough.  I was sooo over #63 American guys anyway! He also seems, like, weirdly sexier than any other bro you’ve met in your life. His secret weapon? The accent. A hot enough accent can bring a bro from a 7 to a 9. TBH, if he were just another American bro you probably wouldn’t even notice him.

Who: The hot foreign bro

What: A sexy foreign guy…obviously. Maybe he’s some hot Italian you met during you semester abroad in Rome. Maybe he’s some British dude you met while he was finishing up law school here in the US.  Maybe he’s some sexy Latino who’s on one of your university’s sports teams (probably soccer, it’s always soccer). It’s also possible he’s kind of a player, not that you care. His shady mysteriousness only makes him more attractive.

When: Usually sometime during college/grad school. Unless he’s permanently relocated to the US, your time with the HFB is usually limited (to a semester, to a year, etc.). Most of the time he’s just a fling.

The Hot Foreign Bro is NOT: Long term relationship material. Doing anything long term/serious with this bro requires, like, a HUGE commitment that could potentially require moving out of the country…yea, no thanks.  There are some people who manage to have a serious relationship with the HFB, but it’s probably safe to assume you are not one of those people.

If you’re dating the HFB: Most of the time this guy doesn’t seem to actually “date” anyone. If you do date him, know that the accent loses its appeal after a while. Your relationship might also be plagued by annoying cultural differences. For instance, you might constantly have to hear him bitch about how Americans spell things “wrong” (if he’s British), or actually pretend to care about soccer…er, football.

Potential turn offs: Language barrier. This seems okay at first, but it’s super annoying when he’s talking to you and you can’t tell if he’s being sexy or being a dick. You could try and learn his language but that would take effort and, umm, no. 

HFBs in Pop Culture: David Beckham, Prince William, Antonio Banderas, anybody who is the male equivalent of Sofia Vergara.


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