Britney Spears Is Getting Her Own iPhone Game

Britney Spears – the comeback Queen of the 21st century – is getting her own iPhone game because one Willow Pape wasn't enough. The same company, Glu, that designed Kim Kardashian's game is working with Brit. I'm not entirely sure what the fuck this would be, but Kim somehow made photo shoots and dinner at Nobu a game so I don't know.

I hope the game is trying to win at Britney's life. Like Level 1 is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Level 7 is Hit Me Baby One More Time, Level 13 is the great umbrella attack of 2007, and Level 20 is Vegas Residency. Each level has a different number of alcoholic beverages and prescription drugs. Kevin Federline pops up when you lose a challenge.

The real question: If you're losing terribly, does you dad become your conservator until you can pull it together again?


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