The Lifetime Movie About Britney Spears Looks Fucking Awful

Lifetime Movies have a long history of being pretty terrible, and this is especially true when they’re about celebrities. We’re still not over Lindsay Lohan’s garbage performance as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick, but that’s beside the point. Lifetime has now decided to tackle some more recent Hollywood history in their new masterpiece, Britney Ever After.

Yeah, it’s about Britney Spears. Specifically, it’s about Britney’s trainwreck years, a time which we honestly have no desire to relive. The first trailer for the movie came out this week, and (surprise!) it doesn’t look great. We see a montage of Britney performances, paparazzi cameras, and Britney shaving her head. Britney is played by some rando named Natasha who basically looks nothing like her, and the whole thing looks very low-budget.

Unsurprisingly, the movie is completely unauthorized and Britney’s team has said that she does not support it. That always goes well!! After the trailer dropped, Britney fans wasted no time trashing it on Twitter, calling it sad, lazy, and digging up the best gifs of Britney as a judge on The X-Factor. Honestly the best thing to come out of this will probably be the tweets, because the movie certainly won’t be winning any awards.

The movie comes out February 18th, and we might hate watch it, but probably not.