Britney Spears And Iggy Azalea’s New Music Video Is Here

The whole idea for the video is that Britney and Iggy are two teenage girls driving around LA in the 1980s. It's awkward because cool mom Brit is legit 33 years old. That being said, Britney's dancing is decent and infinitely better than Iggy's slow walk through the club.

Iggy is an alien from another planet – no not Australia – and she can shoot lasers out of her eyes. She ruins a TV, turns water pink, and transforms a cell phone from Clueless into a Samsung smart phone – subtle product placement. Iggy has this weird robot voice, no not her Australia-Ebonic accent, that sounds like a combination of english as a second language and reverse auto-tune. But her crimped hair is low-key amazing.

The whole thing is like Romy and Michele's attempt at a music video, but this song is so fucking catchy.



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