British Guy Starts CrowdFunding Campaign for Greece

As you have probably heard, Greece’s economy is 50 shades of fucked right now. They have until Sunday to figure out how to pay back the 1.6 billion euros they owe to the International Monetary Fund, and it’s becoming vastly apparent to the rest of the world that that probably isn’t going to happen. No one knows what to do, and therefore no one is really doing anything. Mostly America is just psyched that the rest of the world is focusing their collective hatred on someone else for a change.

York resident Thom Feeney decided enough was fucking enough, and he was going to put an end to this debt crisis once and for all. What, like it’s hard? With an ambitious goal of 1.6 billion euros, Feeney has started a CrowdFunding campaign to save Greece from themselves. Not all heroes wear capes.



The best part of this flawless plan is the incentives Feeney is offering to people who donate. For the moderate price of €6, you can contribute to the overall stability of the international economy AND receive an authentic Greek Salad delivered to your door. It’s basically Seamless with the added benefit of helping the world. Sure, the salad won’t show up for a couple weeks (or ever), but you can rest easy knowing you did your part.

As of yesterday, Feeney had received €230,000 in donations, which sounds impressive until you realize it’s only .01% of his goal. If he pulls this off they should probably just make him the Prime Minister of Greece. At this rate, it’s not like he could do any more damage than the actual Greek government.


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