Brian Williams Is In Deep Shit

Longtime NBC news anchor, Brian Williams, (or better known as the hot dad of GIRLS star, Allison Williams) has been suspended for 6 months without pay from the network. This is apparently a big fucking deal seeing as every news outlet lost their shit when the decision was announced.

This all first started last week when the DILF took a leave of absence due to rumors that he had been lying about a frequently told story of his time in Iraq in 2003. According to him, the helicopter he was in went under fire, giving the clean-shaven reporter a much more rugged, manly reputation. What first seemed to be embellishments turned out to be straight up lies. The soldiers accompanying him on his supposed run-in with death called him out, claiming the mentioned helicopter made an emergency landing a full hour before Williams even arrived.

Bottom line: Marnie’s dad is a try-hard. This is leading NBC and everyone else who ever listened to him to wonder what else he has been lying about. Good thing we never really paid that close attention to the news or we’d have a lot of soul-searching to do.



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