Breaking Down Khloé's Photoshop Fails In *That* Photo

Wow, guys. It’s been quite a week in the world of Photoshop and Facetune fails. I’m sure you’ve seen today’s post because it is EVERYWHERE. That is how bad it is. Because here is what I—and I feel like, everyone?—do not understand. The idea of editing your photos is to get rid of flaws and make you look better, right? When I edit photos, it’s because there are unnecessary flyaway hairs, backne, or dirty dishes on my counter in the background that no one needs to see. There are totally reasons to make edits to photos. Most of our tiny dark apartments are just not equipped for professional photoshoots, so we understandably need to edit the lighting and add a cute filter to hide the horror-movie style bags under out eyes that our one sad lamp give us. This kind of stuff makes sense to me. But what really makes zero sense to me is removing your entire face and replacing it with a new face.

Do you remember that super strange Nicolas Cage movie where he gets a face transplant? Honestly? I don’t really either, besides the extremely vague premise. Turns out, Khloé Kardashian is a HUGE fan. In fact, she took that movie for her inspiration for her new look!

Khloé posted this a few days ago to show off her new hair:

Which, love it. It’s a great color for her! Except people had a problem with it. Not the hair, mind you, just a little teeny issue that this photo is not of Khloé’s face. In fact, it actually kind of looks more like her bestie Malika?

I mean did Khloé really, really, Facetune herself so hard that she just gave herself a whole new face? Well, there’s an easy way to check. Because unfortunately for Khloé, there are real pictures that exist of her. Not to mention, we get to see her real face on TV, and that isn’t it.

Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Abyss By Abby

And in case you’re basically blind and somehow do not see the difference, don’t worry. Here is a nice little comparison of Khloé’s human face vs. that of the woman she has created in her laboratory:

Where to begin? The biggest offense is of course, this is just NOT YOUR FACE! But if we really want to get into it, this photo is also riddled with errors. I kinda just wanted to circle the entire thing and write “NO” across it.

So clearly, Khloé gave herself an entirely new head/chin. That just is not her jawline. This resulted in some SUPER WEIRD dimpling/lines on the left side of her face. In her quest to give herself new eyes and smoothed-out cheeks, she accidentally made one eye bigger than the other and somehow managed to shove it higher up than its counterpart. As you can see, her face is completely straight-on and level (and actually?? It’s unnaturally symmetrical), except for the one eye floating away. You can’t just move your eyeball placement, you would have to tilt your head to have your eyes at this angle. There’s a similar issue with her shoulders. She shrunk her right arm sooo much that it doesn’t seem to match up to be attached to her body at this angle anymore. And the rest of the arm is squiggly.

Further more, in smoothing out her neck, she removed half of the necklace chain she was wearing. This whole edit reeks of creepy cyborg vibes AND is crooked everywhere. Also? In addition to this not being her head or face, this is definitely not her skin tone.

You guys, I cannot stress this enough. Facetune should not be used like you’re Mr. Potato Head selecting all these different pieces for your face. It’s sad and creepy and makes you look really insecure. Remember, we all know what you actually look like. You don’t need to be a scary cyborg Barbie doll! Khloé, you will always be my favorite, but it would REALLY AWESOME for women everywhere (and probably your own self-esteem) if you’d lay off the editing. Seriously, you don’t need it.

Khloé on Facetune:

Were you horrified when you saw Khloé’s picture? Do you think her Facetune usage is getting worse? What do you use Facetune for? How do you feel about people giving themselves unrecognizable digital makeovers and trying to pass it off as real life? Do you think Malika is kind of scared? Let me know!

Images: Giphy (3); Instagram (@khloekardashian); Getty Images

Holly Hammond
Holly Hammond
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