Brand Shags a Brewster

Professional starfucker and younger sister of Jordana, Isabella Brewster has opened her legs heart to Russell Brand’s newly divorced rusty rocket. Russell confirmed their relationship on the Howard Stern show and Isabella called him a “good guy” to E! News. If being an ex-junkie/ex-husband to a less-cute version of Zooey Deschannel makes him a “good guy” then why doesn’t she date a great guy like Pete Doherty? At least he is an actual rock star and doesn’t just play them in the movies. Probably because he’s not desperate…

We do have to give the no-name props though for having Bradley Cooper on her dating roster, but it was before The Hangover so no one even realized he was hot. She clearly has downgraded though, as the picture we're showing looks more like a socialite on a mission to save the homeless. 

Do we think Russellbella will last? We give it about as long as Jessica Simpson keeps off her Weight Watcher pounds. 


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