Betch of the Week: Sally Draper

With Mad Men's return only two days away and taking into account Betty Draper's transformation into a platinum blonde sloth it's time to award the crown of biggest betch to another character. Obviously not Peggy because, well, she's Peggy, and not Joan because the only thing I remember her doing last season was literally whoring herself out. Super unbetchy.

Instead today's Betch of the Week goes to Sally Draper, everyone's favorite betch-in-training who we're sure will graduate from merely being a sassy bitch to her mother and have some more daring firsts, possibly involving hallucinogens and/or over-the-pants hand jobs (not to herself like in past in seasons). A betch can only dream.

However, Sally's been sort of a betch ever since she got blackout from her dad's whiskey on take your daughter to work day and then tried to #42 dress like a slut to the dismay of gap-tooted Megan.

Sally also knows how to turn on the charm and the #41 fake smile to Don. 

And then go to totally bat shit on Megan. We love that about her.

Not to mention she has an older sort-of boyfriend Glenn before she even had boobs, and she drove a car before she could reach the pedals.

So betches, we can't wait to see the crazy shit Sally pulls as she enters full on betchhood. If her past escapades were any sign we know Sally is set up to be the maddest betch of season 6.


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