This Video Proves Blue Ivy Is The Second Coming Of Beyoncé

From the moment Blue Ivy Carter was born, we knew it was only a matter of time before she took over the world. Now she’s five years old, which makes us feel ancient, and she’s starting to come out of her shell. We’ve spent a lot of time wondering, will she be more like Bey, or more like Jay? On the one hand, her resemblance to Jay Z is striking. On the other, her personal style clearly mimics that of her mother. Probably because her mother dresses her, but I think we know that when Blue’s personal style will be off the chain (once she learns how to tie her shoes). Well, now we have even more proof that Blue Ivy is Beyoncé’s mini me when, over the weekend, she performed in a dance recital at her school. How do we know this? Because the video got leaked.

Sidebar: If you’re the person leaking 5-year-olds’ dance recital videos, maybe rethink your life?

We’d like to imagine that Beyoncé was videotaping in the aisle like Amy Poehler during “Jingle Bell Rock”, but realistically this video was taken by some rando older brother who knew he could sell it to TMZ

Mrs George

Blue looks great in the video, and it comes as no surprise that she’s front and center in the dance. Like, there’s no way that dance teacher is going to make Blue the Michelle of the dance class. Beyoncé’s flesh and blood is not a fucking backup dancer, make no mistake. We’re a little confused why Blue got to wear her hair down while everyone else’s is up in a neat bun, but she was probably like, “Fuck that, I am literally the spawn of a legend, get that ponytail holder out of my face.”

We’re not exactly sure what this dance was supposed to be, because there’s a lot going on. The little girls are wearing pink leotards with huge tutus, as if they’re the next crop of ballerinas getting shipped off to Russia. But they’re dancing to “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire, which doesn’t really make us think of ballet. This is seriously some Big Little Lies shit, so we’re basically lucky no one got punched. Honestly, knowing Blue (and I do know Blue) this whole thing is probably a semi-autobiographical piece of statement art based on her relationship with James Z, the boy who sits next to her in reading circle. I mean, realistically they should’ve just done the “Single Ladies” dance and been done with it, but I guess that’s “not appropriate for children” or whatever. 

The girls generally know the moves to the song, but they all look just a little bit drunk and lost. *Sings ‘Drunk and Lost’ to the tune of ‘Drunk In Love’* *Feels pride* So yes, Blue Ivy may look more like her father, but her personality is all Bey. As far as the twins go, we’ll have to wait and see, but if the response to their conception is any indication, those two are definitely going to have Jay-Z level egos.