Blessed By Venus: Weekend Horoscopes July 26-28

We’ve survived Cancer season and we’re moving into, you guessed it, Leo season. How appropriate that an emotionless version of The Lion King just graced theaters, too!

Venus is in and around our signs this week, which spells out better romance for most of us. Overall, the planets seem to have our backs this weekend and are less sh*tty for our outlooks than in weeks past.


Shout about your romantic life from the rooftops, Leo. Not literally. But seriously, it’s time to be open about that dude you’ve been seeing, and up the ante on your look to match the new hotness going on, whether it’s someone new or just a solid standby (like your husband or forever bf). It’s a stellar weekend for a spa trip or “treat yoself” shopping spree. Look your best, sweetie.


Time to snooze, Virgo. We all know canceling plans is a #mood, and sticking by that ideology this weekend is a good move for you. Feel free to take a walk so you can like, be outside, or maybe grab a quick meal with a bestie—but sticking close to the abode this weekend is exactly what you need to unwind from this week.


You’re the life of the party, Libra, so don’t keep it to yourself this weekend. The town (or city, or suburb, or kid’s soccer game) is your stage this weekend, so don’t be afraid to flit from here to there and let everyone just soak up your awesomeness. If things have been a lil touch and go with your SO, this weekend is a great time to get out of the house and work through an issue together in a different environment. If you’re single, venturing out with friends presents great opportunities to meet special people. You know what I mean.


Like Queen Bey told us, make lemonade, Scorpio. (Just don’t follow Queen Bey’s example with photo editing.) Everyone may be expecting you to go full on psycho over some recent chaos (maybe in your group text), but making the best of it will earn you some damn R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Mars and the sun are orbiting you and making your reputation a force to be reckoned with this weekend, so don’t abuse it.


GTFO, Sagittarius. Seriously, whether you’re coupled or solo, a trip away this weekend—be it a few hours or a few days—is exactly what you need. Explore your surroundings and try that new restaurant, or hop a spontaneous flight somewhere tropical where you can tan your pale, pale body. Whatever you do, your body (and mind) need a lil reset.


Speak up, Capricorn. You’re feeling a little neglected, but no one can help you unless you say something. If you’re coupled, tell your SO how you feel, and you may be surprised at the passionate outcome, thanks to Venus all up in your biz. If you’re single, human touch will be important this weekend, and that isn’t as sad as it sounds. Hold hands around town with your bestie, or even just book a mani pedi.


You’re done for the week, Aquarius, and it’s time to chill. Reach out to a friend or make a day date with your SO for a relaxing outing at a brewery, an easy hike, or a low-key shopping adventure. Whatever you do, keep your mind off work. It’s great that you’re passionate about it, but your friends and fam need to feel the love, too.


Time to organize that closet, Pisces, or whatever other household task you’ve been putting off. You’ll be super productive this weekend, so it’s a great time to tackle a few chores. Sh*t, reward yourself afterwards for all your hard work, too, with a lil pampering at a spa. It may be a good idea to bring your SO, too, since Venus has you at your very best this weekend, and everyone will be super drawn to you.


Stop wallowing, Aries. You’ve been throwing yourself a pity party, and you’ll be much better off this weekend if you embrace your flaws rather than sit around wishing you could be different. GTFO of the house and be social—you have a good chance of running into someone (new or old) who loves you just as you are. Things could heat up from there.


Your crib is party central, but you don’t need to break the bank to host an impromptu gathering this weekend. Stock up on some booze and snacks, and everyone will love you for it. Plus, you’ll get a boost from hanging out with people you actually like, and it’ll take your mind off of the silly sh*t that’s been bugging you lately.


Reserve Friday for you, and Saturday for the girls, Gemini. You may need a little time to unwind from your week, but come Saturday, you’ll be all about social time. Plus, an outing with friends on Saturday night could present an opportunity to meet someone interesting if you’re single and on the prowl. Taken? Include your SO in your plans for a lil weekend spark.


Dress for the role you want, Cancer. That calls for a shopping trip this weekend. Your money outlook looks really, really, good, too, so don’t be afraid to drop some cash on higher-end items (and not Forever 21 bullsh*t). In the romance department, don’t be surprised if someone from your past sends a “u up” text on Saturday. Best ignore it—you have better things coming.

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Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
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