Blake Lively Is Now Giving Instagram Advice, Kk

Blake Lively is now inserting tips for how to look as hot as her in her Instagram captions. If this were basically anyone else I would say ew fuck off, but Blake’s an exception since she’s objectively perfect and therefore it’s ok. Granted, the open mouth smile is difficult to master and pretending to “have the time of your life” is like Insta 101, but we’ll take it.

Minus one for the weird humblebrag about being “epic-ly uncoordinated” because I think it’s fair to say that dorky relatability is not her best quality and we should probs leave that to America Ferrera. Also, LOL that she calls the advice “random” as if her thousands of followers aren’t all viciously taking notes as we speak. Keep the advice coming Blake, we’re all your humble students.

P.S. Super relieved she didn’t break her ankle doing that “terrifying” stunt.



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