Blackberry Thinks It’s Making a Comeback and Other Important Business News

Since you’ve obviously been super busy, once again, we’ve gathered some of the most important business news stories for you. Use this to aid you in becoming some high-powered career woman, or to like make your parents think you actually keep up with the news. 

Cosmetic industry profits off insecure Chinese bros

Apparently betches aren’t the only ones who appreciate #152 expensive skin shit. China’s cosmetics industry saw a 7% sales increase of men’s skin care products last year. Men’s products are expected to make up an even bigger share of the nation’s cosmetic market as marketers continue to tell Chinese men that they’re fug and make them feel bad about themselves. 

Ironically, one hygiene product that’s not such a hot seller over there: deodorant. While in China’s major cities men report using an average of 2.5 facial products per day, only 13% report using deodorant on a regular basis. It’s fine though, you don’t even notice the stench because their pores look amazing! Read article>>

Adidas’ Brazil World Cup T-shirts are fucking hilarious

In preparation of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Adidas unveiled a few shirts highlighting some of the South American country’s best ASS-ets, if you know what we mean. Unfortunately for Adidas, this got Brazilians REALLY pissed off. Apparently, selling a shirt that says “looking to score” is inappropriate considering the country’s problem with sex tourism. God, everyone’s like SO sensitive these days.

In Adidas’ defense, the shirts were part of a limited edition line only available in the United States, which really is just a nice way of saying “we were talking shit  about you behind your back and hoped you wouldn’t find out”. Really though, maybe Adidas just knows their market. Putting a thong on a t-shirt is the only way most Americans will ever pay attention to soccer. Now that this is over, we can all go back to paying attention to the Kardashians again.  

Blackberry might be making a comeback….sort of

Blackberry is trying to make a comeback, but it’s probably not going to make you reconsider the Iphone switch. Instead of trying to compete with Apple and Android, Blackberry is going back to the classic keyboard they were successful with before.  They’re also creating a line of low cost smart phones that will be sold in South East Asia.

And, of course, they’re still trying to make BBM happen. With the recent sale of WatsApp for $19 billion, there has been some talk about what selling BBM would mean for the company. However, BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, said he would only consider selling once BBM’s a stronger competitor. Whatever, John Chen. We’ll go back to using BBM around the time Juicy Jumpsuits go back on sale at Nordstrom. Read article>>

There you have it, betches. Continue on procrastinating as you were. You’re like so much more informed now.


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