Black Boots Under $75 You Need For Fall

Everyone loves to talk about the necessity of an LBD. But what doesn’t get enough credit is the necessity of a LBB: little black boot. Black boots are a wardrobe essential that should be in every girl’s closet. For one, you can wear a black boot all year round. Which means, no more wasting money on a bunch of season-specific shoes (yay, more money for shots!!). A pair of black boots will also match EVERYTHING. Like, legit everything. Whether you want to pair them with some chic army green trousers or your tacky Charlotte Russe jeans, they’ll totally match. And, not only will they match, but they’ll also elevate your entire outfit. Suddenly, your $20 jeans look more like $100 jeans, and your whole look appears way more stylish. All that being said, here are the best black boots under $75 that you should go buy like, right now.

1. ASOS DESIGN Reese Pointed Chelsea Boots ($60)

If you’re looking for a black boot that you can blindly pair with any outfit and still have it look good, then these are the boots for you. They’re simple, classic, and super stylish. Just like every girl needs a gay bestie, every girl also needs a basic black Chelsea boot.  At only $60, these are, as Justin Bieber would say, “a no-brainer.”

2. Jeffrey Campbell Hurricane Rain Boot ($60)

These Jeffrey Campbell boots actually double as supes stylish rain boots. Like, these are the rain boots you’d wear to the office when you have a hot happy hour date right after. You know, rather than your big chunky Hunter boots you wore from class to class in college. But the thing is, it doesn’t even necessarily have to be raining out for you to wear these boots because they just look like on-trend patent leather boots. Like, get you a boot that can do both, ladies.

3. Boohoo Snake Detail Ankle Boot ($49)

Like I’ve been telling you for months, animal print is HUGE for fall. A more subtle way to embrace the trend is with these chic snakeskin black boots. The snake detail gives them that extra fashion-forward factor, but the subtle nature of the print keeps them from being too loud. These boots are also a great way to add a little trend to your work wardrobe. You can wear these snakeskin boots, rather than your snakeskin print bodysuit, and still look just as trendy while also avoiding a call to HR.

4. ASOS DESIGN Essence Pointed Ankle Boots ($67)

These boots look similar to the Chelsea boots I suggested, just with more sex appeal. The stiletto heel makes these black boots way more date-night appropriate. Or like, if you don’t have any dates, then more club/going out appropriate. But hey, with hot-ass shoes like these, I wouldn’t be surprised if you do score a date while you’re out! They do say ~club love is real love~. Jk, I just made that up, but good luck out there.

5. Therapy Black Hoxton Boots ($58.15)

These boots will easily be your go-to black boots for fall. Not only is suede totally in this season, but so is a block heel. And block heels are AMAZING because they’re the easiest style of heel to actually be able to still walk in. Like, if you’re looking for a pair of black boots that you can stumble home from the bar in without face planting, these are the ones.

6. Therapy Black Malone Boots ($72.70)

Another big trend we’ve been talking about for fall is the “western” trend. Please be warned, this doesn’t give you permission to casually wear gaudy cowboy boots from that one Luke Bryan concert you went to last summer. You want to embrace the trend in a more chic, polished way, and these are the boots that will help you achieve that. The western detailing on these boots is edgy yet minimal, so you can embrace the trend without looking like you’re headed to the town rodeo. (On a related note, if your town indeed does have a rodeo, please consider moving far, far away.)

Like I said before, no matter the outfit or occasion, a pair of black boots are an essential wardrobe staple all year round. Not to mention that, at these great prices, you could totally afford two pairs and pretty much be set shoe-wise. You can now even go spend all that extra money (that would have otherwise gone to more shoes) on like, more clothes or booze, or something.

Images: @ohleighann / Unsplash; Urban Outfitters; ASOS (3); Princess Polly (2)
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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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