Blac Chyna Is Charging A Crazy Amount Of Money For A FaceTime

I’m starting to think that some celebrities are just thirsty for quarantine press, whether it’s good or bad. I mean, they say all press is good press, so it tracks. Remember last week, when Tori Spelling got backlash for charging $95 to attend a “virtual meet & greet”? Well, one of the thirstiest women in the world just came along and made that look like child’s play. That’s right—it’s Blac Chyna!

It’s been a minute since we checked in on Blac Chyna, but she’s one of my favorite former-almost-Kardashians. For the past few years, she and Rob have still been battling in court over custody, child support, and a hundred other issues, but it looks like Chyna has a plan to make money for the time being: charging exorbitant prices for social interaction. On her Lashed Cosmetics website, in addition to false lashes and lipstick, she’s charging $250 to follow you back on Instagram, and a whopping $950 for a FaceTime call.


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In case you just blacked out after reading that, let me reiterate: to FaceTime with Blac Chyna, it will cost you NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. Sorry, just blacked out again, but I’m back. When I heard about Tori Spelling’s virtual selfie scheme, it seemed a little ridiculous. I mean, $95 is a lot of money. But the idea that anyone would pay TEN TIMES THAT, nearly $1,000, for a FaceTime call with Blac Chyna is completely unbelievable to me. Also, it would be nice if some or all of the money was being donated to a charitable cause, but the website says nothing about that.

If, for whatever reason, this opportunity is super appealing to you, but your bank account is running a little low at the moment, Chyna still has you covered. Instead of paying the $950 all at once, there’s a payment plan that lets you make four monthly payments of $237.50. Très affordable! Wow, who knew Blac Chyna was a charitable icon?! She’s doing even more to help the poor than Justin Bieber! Even without the context of a global pandemic, during which millions are struggling to make ends meet, this would be insane.

I truly can’t get over how absurd this whole thing seems. Like, if you want to spend money to meet one of your favorite celebrities, fine. Honestly, the whole Tori Spelling thing was probably blown out of proportion, and there are certain people I might shell out $95 to talk to. I might even spend more than that for a Cameo, especially if it was for a special occasion. But that’s $95. The fact that Blac Chyna thinks a FaceTime call with her is worth $950 blows my mind, and I desperately need to know if anyone is actually paying for this. If you’re spending nearly my monthly rent to FaceTime Blac Chyna, I’m begging you to slide into my DMs, because I have no less than one thousand questions about your life/finances, and a much more charitable cause for you to spend your money on (my aforementioned rent).

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