Blac Chyna Is Filing A Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian’s social media meltdown last week was one for the ages, and it looks like the consequences are going to be worse than just getting kicked off of Instagram. Blac Chyna intends to take legal action against Rob, and her lawyer posted a statement on Friday warning Rob about the massive cloud of shit that’s about to rain on his head.

The lawyer, Lisa Bloom, is famous lawyer Gloria Allred’s daughter, and she used to have her own TV show. Apparently Chyna still has leftover money from the body surgeries for a top-notch attorney? Bloom posted her statement on Twitter because why not, and she said that she had given Rob notice that they’ll be seeking temporary restraining orders this week.

Lisa Bloom

She also posted an actual press release, which starts with a red carpet photo of Chyna and a glamour shot of her. Chyna looks like typical Chyna, and Lisa Bloom looks like a knockoff Barbie with a slight country-western twist. What can we say, pink velvet is a choice.

Lisa Bloom Statement

She repeats the restraining order part, and then launches into how revenge porn and cyberbullying are illegal, and that she and Chyna are standing up for all women who have been slut-shamed by their exes. “Her body, her choice. Her life, her choice. Back off.” Wow, did you know that Blac Chyna invented feminism??

Obviously it’ll be interesting to see how this reality show mess unfolds in an actual courtroom with actual rules, but we do have a feeling it’ll be a lot of Rob not showing up when he’s supposed to be there. Best of luck to Chyna, but really best of luck to Lisa Bloom, try not to lose your mind hanging around these crazies.