Blac Chyna's Latest Career Move Is Her Craziest One Yet

Now that Blac Chyna’s many feuds with the Kardashian family seem to have calmed down for the moment, she’s finally free to focus on her career. What career, you say? Oh yeah, the rap career she’s about to start, because what else would she be doing.

Chyna reportedly has a whole album in the works, but we’ve gotten our first preview of one of her songs, and it’s about what we expected. In the mercifully brief clip, all we really hear is Chyna saying the hook over and over again, and it’s a real treat.


Wow. Art. Wow. We knew Chyna was special, but wow. It’s hard to tell from such a short snippet, but maybe the song will be a candid reflection on how we view guns in this country, and how sex and violence are similarly portrayed in the media? Or, more likely, it’ll be an absolutely raunchy first attempt at music that will really not leave us wanting more.

It’s unclear if/when Chyna’s album is really coming, but at least she’ll have some help from people with actual rapping experience, as Tory Lanez, Yo Gotti, and Rae Sremmurd are all reportedly working on the project with her. No word on whether Tyga will be featured on any tracks, but we’re gonna guess that’s a hard no.